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04th April 2011 - Jo & Lee - Hazelwood Castle, Tadcaster

2 Days on and back to Hazelwood! (Good job really as I left my monopod in the corner of the main hall on Saturday!)!

Challenge of the day; making sure the photos as unique to the bride and groom in order to ensure their photos are as unique as the 2 of them! One pet hate of mine from seeing other photographer's work is seeing what I call 'Cut and Paste' photos from wedding to wedding; Same poses same locations, different people. I don't understand how some photographers think the clients would be happy with this. The bride and groom's are completely unique and so their photos should reflect that every time, no matter where the venue.

Jo and Lee take the trophy for the most intimate wedding so far for me, just 15 guests making 17 people in total to photograph.

Lee also broke my 'groom in a kilt' virginity (as in photographing!)

The weather stayed kind in terms of brightness, but my lord the wind was wild all day and all night!

I also tried my hand at a photo seen on a good photographer friend's site. It entailed using a long exposure, a very still bride and groom and 2 helpers running around with lit sparklers! Have a look at the photos and see if you can spot it! Let's put it this way, it took quite a few attempts and a whole load of laughter what with the 2 lads (or sparkler fairies, as they were aptly re-named!) running about once the sparklers finally lit in the strong wind!

The fun and laughs ended a brilliant day with yet another excellent group of people. I really do love my job!

Congrats Jo and Lee!

Gav x

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